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If you are you thinking to exhibit your goods and services at any exhibition or trade show event in Europe you are in the right place. Your goal is to show your best, attract new clients and show the existing ones that you continue to be well positioned in the market. In doing so you would like to keep your exhibition expenses low while having an eye catching artistic design of the exhibiting space.

We believe that the more sophisticated the presentation is the more excited about your product and services will viewers get. This would not only bring a feeling of satisfaction about the participation, but also contribute to the business development in the future.

Granat from Slavic languages translates as pomegranate in English, an exotic fruit that is made up of many ruby seeds and as a whole it is very delicious and good for your health.

Our company is very similar: we have many components that make up one whole that can be customized to individual client’s needs and is good for his wallet. Whether you’re selling satellites or microchips no matter how big or small your product or company is we can find the right solution for you! Granat is a one stop shop for all your PR needs! 

Our History and Awards

We started more than 10 year ago and grew steadily improving and broadening services.  Now GRANAT is an internationally recognized trade show designer and builder having the main facility in Prague (the Czech Republic), and representatives in Berlin (Germany), Milan (Italy), New York (USA) and Moscow (Russia) making for easy communication the world over.

Among our clients there are Fortune 500 companies: General Motors (USA), Michelin (France), Russian oil and gas producing companies (Surgutneftegas, Lukoil), and many others. For its outstanding achievements GRANAT received many international awards, e.g. “Silver Edge Trophy” from the International Energy Summit, Italy; "Best Exhibition Kiosk" from the International Diamond Exhibition in Luanda (Angola), and many others.

We are a registered member with the United Nations Global Marketplace as a vendor to the UN sponsored projects worldwide and practice “green” principles by recycling, reusing standardized modules, and so on.